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Bonus 1: SUPER DANTE & RPG Maker 2 Music 
A collection of RPG Maker Super Dante and RPG Maker 2 Music Digitally Remastered for your listening pleasure.

Bonus 2: Ace DS Graphics Add-on
Extra graphics are always awesome. Why not get the graphics made famous in RPG Maker DS?  Make your game stand out with these beautiful graphics enhanced for Ace!

RPG Maker VX Ace is the best yet!

We're not kidding either. Why would we? You wanted unlimited tilesets? Ace has it. You want an easy way to make characters for your epic adventure? We have the built-in Character Generator for that. Directional tiles make the world go round. If you want more info before you pre-order then check out our blog posts below.

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Preorders are now closed. Thanks to everyone who got in early. RPG Maker VX Ace will be available for trial and purchase on our website starting on the 15th of March.

Huge Bonus Graphics Pack!

Tons of bonus music for your games!
(this is just a sample)

Bonus 3: Early Forum Access
New Official Forums are on their way. We'll be running regular contests, giveaways, and more. You'll be the first to have access to these forums and will get your own special usergroup.

Character Generator

Unlimited Tilesets

Specify Encounters by Region ID

Shadow Control